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Game Rules

Please abide by the following rules so that the game can be enjoyable for all. Not adhering to these rules will result in punishment in the form of a communication ban, timed ban, account reset or permanent ban.

       1) You are only allowed ONE account per person without authorisation from an admin.

        2)  No account sharing. You are responsible for all actions on your account.

        3) Exploiting a bug/glitch without reporting it will result in your account being reset.

        4)  Abusive/threatening language will result in a communication ban.

         5) No advertising other games or attempting to steal players from (Legal action may be taken)

         6) No spamming/flooding in mail,chat or forums.

         7) No racist,sexist or any derogotary comments made in mail, chat, forums or profiles.

         8) You may NOT use multi accounts to get around transfer restrictions or bans.

         9) No using macros/scripts to play the game doing so will result in a permanent ban

        10) Insults or nasty attitudes towards staff will result in a time ban.

        11)  No Posting of Inappropriate Pictures, Avatars in forums or profiles.

        12) This game is in English and players are expected to communicate only in English

       13)  Abide by ingame restrictions with regards to asset/business ownership

Repeat Offenders:
Communication Bans work on a "3 strikes, you're out" basis. Once you receive a 3rd communication ban, you will be banned for a set time depending on the severity. If a second time ban is imposed, then your account will be reset. The third time will result in your being permanently banned.  
reserves the right to change rules without notice. It is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with all rules. Ignorance is not an excuse.