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Quick Guide


  • Welcome to Mafia Cities 2015
  • Starting out in the game can be quite daunting as there are so many options and features,it is advisable to start off by getting cash.There are a number of ways of doing this 1) try your luck at the wheel of fortune.2)Commit a criminal act when you start off it is very hard to successfully do this each time you fail your chance will increase.3)Murdering somebody will give you cash and the contents of their bank account. (NB Retaliation is inevitable so it advisable to get a safe from the exchange office. Money is Safe even if you die with a safe.)
  • Please Be Aware that should you die it will cost 20 credits x Rank for eg if your a follower it will cost 40 credits to to revive
  • Missions & Daily Quests
  • Every Day when loggin you will be given a daily quest and get different in game rewards such as credits VIP Days energy etc The higher amount of days you achieve the higher the rewards.
  • Missions help you achieve personal goals and give good rank xp.Some of the missions will require team work to complete.
  • Communication.
  • Use the mini chat box or email an experienced player for help.We have a really friendly player base who gladly assist  and advise you.Dont be Shy or you can ask a crew member for help they can be found on the top menu under the section Crew.
  • Bans & Appeals.
  • We hate to ban anybody from the game and we have very few rules to comply to but as stated elsewhere on this site we do have a number of players that are minors and for this reason we require all players when using chat to keep their language clean. In Game banter is expected and appreciated by all that play vulgarity is not!!!.
  • If You find yourself in a postion that after a warning the Moderators have no option to ban for a period determined by them not Admins.You can appeal by emailing them here
  • MAFIABOOK (Like Facebook but for Mafia RPG Gamers
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