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Improved mass donations + better game balance16 - 04 

Mass donations sometimes were inconvenient to use, especially if you wanted to donate multiple things at once. Nor was it always clear to members why they suddenly received money or credits, and sometimes there also was uncertainty about the maximum donation. Therefore, today we are launching the improved mass donations!
With this new update, you can now donate several items at once, and restrict your donations to specific groups of players (or skip these groups). You can also explain the reason for the mass donation. Your members will receive a private message concerning this donation, and will have 72 hours to view and accept it. In this way it is always clear what they have received, and why.

Make your game more balanced

We have noticed that some games become unbalanced because game owners make illogical combinations, or set every game option to the maximum.
Such a game with high amounts may seem fun, but quickly leads to a game that is hardly being played, since the non-adjustable options (such as crimes) barely yield anything.
Therefore, the maximum values that were causing the most imbalance have been adapted, and illogical combinations (such as land surface, which sometimes yielded more profit in one day than the the total purchase sum) have been excluded.
In this document you will find an overview of the changes, and a lot of tips on how to keep your game well balanced.

New updates18 - 03 

Soon we will make some adjustments and give you a lot of tips on how to optimize your game balance. In the meantime, today we are launching the following updates:

Tax on donations
To reduce the amount of money being transferred to other players, you can choose to set a donation tax. With this tax, an adjustable percentage is being deducted from each donation.

Time game reset
Until now, you could only carry out a preplanned game reset at 3:00 at night. With this new adjustment you can choose when the game reset is carried out. For a smooth reset, it is still advisable to reset bigger games during off-peak hours.

Text on crew page
The text at the bottom of your game's crew page can now be adjusted via crew options.

Red-light district
In the settings of the red light district, you can now allow players to put their hookers back on the streets. Street Hookers bring in less money, but you may need them for certain other game components.

Google Analytics
Better monitor your visitors? Then you can use the existing 'webmaster tools' extension to link your Google Analytics account to your Mafia game. It suffices to add your site in Analytics, and to enter the corresponding UA code in the admin panel.

Easter egg hunt
Soon it will be Easter, which means you can join the Easter egg hunt again with the Easter update. After purchase, from march 23 to 30 your players can again find Easter eggs on random pages. If you have purchased this update previously, the eggs will automatically reappear!

Informed of new updates even faster!12 - 02 

From now on, as a game owner you will also receive news about our updates automatically, as a private message in your game. This way, you're immediately informed about any new adjustments and layouts.

Below an overview of the recently launched updates:

Remove protection
When a player wants to remove his protection, he/she will have to confirm this action again. With this, we want to avoid players accidentally removing their protection and then being under attack and killed.

Maximum number of families
To avoid a proliferation of families, from now on in the 'family management' extension, the maximum number of families can be set too. When in your game this maximum is reached, then no more new families will be created, unless an existing family is exterminated first. This way you can bring extra excitement into your game, and your members will further be encouraged to cooperate with each other.

Stealing money and cars from crew members
When 'stealing money/cars from fellow criminals' is enabled in your game, as of now in crew options you can set if players can steal from crew members too. If desired, this way you can better protect the possessions of your crew members.

Game reset countdown
Many game owners use external scripts to count down to the end of the game round. Unfortunately, this also has some disadvantages, both in setting and in its use. When you set a game reset, as of now you have the ability to add an automatic counter to the waiting times list. This results in an easy and correct game reset countdown in your game.

Our referral programm is still active too: by referring new game owners, you will receive 10% of his/her mafia coins. To promote us even easier, now you can use one of our banners too. The corresponding HTML codes can be found on your personal referrals page.