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MafiaCreator news

A lot of new updates!3 - 11 

After a short break, today once again we launch a large number of game updates! Below an overview of the key changes:

New language: Czech
A few days ago, the Czech version of MafiaCreator was launched. As a result, Czech is also available now as an additional language for your game.

Several lottery draws
From now on, the lottery can be set on several days, too. For example, now you can set a Wednesday and Saturday draw, or even a daily draw.

Repeat attacks
Now, when you have attacked a player, below the result appears the option to repeat the same attack. Thus you can almost effortlessly attack the same player repeatedly.

Attack/defence freely adjustable
With the store management option in your possession, the level of attack and defense power for weapons always had to be the same, though it was possible to allocate a higher defense level to protection items.
To give you more freedom in determining the correct attack/defence balance it is now possible for all store items to set both values independently of each other completely.

Sort memberlist
The memberlist now also shows the item on which is sorted. For example, when you choose to sort the member list on rank, you will now see a column showing the players’ rank. Previously, the power was displayed here.

Family notepad
On this page crew members authorized to edit the family profile now are able to check and adjust the family notepad.

Hide country
From now on, as a game owner you can set how much money it costs to hide for 24 hours to which country you have flown.

Players’ origin
On the "Edit player" page, below the player’s IP address, you will now find the country of origin too (based on the same IP address). In this way, you can quickly catch players that use proxies.

Detectives searching time
With the murder update in your possession, you can now set the maximum searching time for the detective too. For example if you set 20 minutes, it will take between 1 and 20 minutes before the location of a member will be found. The exact time will depend mainly on the rank of the player being looked for.

More detailed auction logs
In the auction logs you will now find all past auctions of the last 14 days, divided over multiple pages.

Previously, in some locations the old name “1 bag of Diamonds” was still in use, whereas on other pages the term “a diamond” was used. Some members wrongly concluded from this that a bag would contain several diamonds, which is not the case. Therefore from now on everywhere the unambiguous name “a diamond” will be used.

Personalise mass messages
From now on it is possible to add the tag {username} to mass messages too, to further personalise this message. When sending the mass message this tag will be automatically replaced by the user name of the receiving player.

Jail management
With the jail management function you can set which pages players are able to visit when they're in jail. The option "Buy credits" has been added to these options. If enabled, members now have access to the "Buy credits" page from jail too.

Manual account activation
In case players activation has been enabled, players have to activate their account by clicking a link in an e-mail they receive. From now on, as an owner you are also able to activate this kind of account manually, on the “Edit player” page. In case an account has not been activated yet an “enable” button will appear here.

New layouts added25 - 09 

It has been a while but today we are launching three new layouts! See below for examples and prices.

Layout 81 (100MC)

Layout 82 (50MC)

Layout 83 (50MC)

WANTED: Tanslators3 - 09 

MafiaCreator is still growing, but to meet the requirements of many other inhabitants of this planet, we would like very much to expand.

Do you happen to be originally from a country where they speak one of the languages below and do you completely master (writing, including proper grammar) this language? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Italian
- Turkish
- Danish
- Finnish
- Russian

Of course the translation will be paid. The text approximately counts 5,000 short sentences.

Do you comply with the requirements below? Then please contact us at and tell us who you are and why you consider yourself being suitable for this job.

- You must fully master the language, both speaking and writing, including proper grammar

- You’re able to translate 5,000 (short) sentences within a three month period

- You have a basic knowledge of the MafiaCreator system and are in the posession of your own game here.